Friday, May 6, 2011

It Has Just Been An Unfortunate String Of Events As Of Late.

Blogger's been fucking tripping, Google been on their PMS SHIT!, and Usershare...well that's just a thing of the past for us, but we're still getting our cot damn money! School is out, the marketing and distribution projects are piling up, and our website design skills(outside of here..You know the dreamweaver shit for clients lol) are improving day by day. SO KEEP SUBMITTING YOUR MUSIC, and I will be back with more FREE music for you to enjoy...Until I.C.E. kicks our office door down, seizes the computers, and throws us in jail. Which ever comes first. This time around we will TRY to do our best by posting mostly INDEPENDENT STUFF. But your shit HAS to be FUCKING HOT. We don't care if you're from the north, south, east, or west..WE need HOT shit. Point blank. You know the e-mail So let's get it and make this A SUMMER TO REMEMBER. Stay blessed and get money!

- The Hip Hop In Yo Hood Staff    

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