Saturday, November 20, 2010

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Domain Name Blocking Bill Aimed At Curbing Online Piracy Copyright

"The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday unanimously approved legislation that would provide the U.S. Justice Department with enhanced powers to quickly block the domain names and third party enablers of web sites that it deems are dedicated to the piracy of intellectual property.
The House has yet to introduce companion legislation, but the passage of the bill on Tuesday by the committee in the senate signals relatively strong support for this particular approach to battling online piracy.
It’s always a possibility, however, that the members of the commerce committees in either chamber could raise concerns about the impact such legislation could have on internet commerce.
The Commerce and Judiciary Committees have historically jockeyed for jurisdiction over important pieces of legislation.
The bill would enable Justice to use court orders to order enabling third parties, such as internet service providers, payment processors and online ad networks to temporarily suspend support for the targeted web sites on an expedited basis...Read More"

Well obviously this site and my staff will be affected once this bill is enforced, but we couldn't be happier. This blog is only a promotional website to update fans and remind them about their favorite artists. If you've been following us, you should have noticed that we update the music with official Amazon or iTunes links for people who enjoy the artists. This is a business, and it takes the artists THOUSANDS and sometimes MILLIONS of dollars to put product out. Hopefully this bill will bring an upswing to music industry revenue, and increase budgets for the artists so there won't be any reason they can't bring the best sounds and visuals to their music. Thank you.

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